Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Star Trek Question!

In the episode, This Side of Paradise,  Spock falls in love with which girl!
A. Lauren Martell
b. Leila Kalomi
C. Stephanie Greenwald
D. Emily Parker

2. Dr. McCoy leaves behind his communicator in the episdoe
a. Day of the dove
b. Wolf in the fold
c. A piece of the action
d. All our Yesterdays

3. The creator of Nomad was
a. Bob Kirk
b. James T. Kirk
c.Jackson Roykirk
d.Samuel Kirk

Only 3 for now. more for people who get interested.
Who can make a connection between my star trek questions and the painting below?

Answers to the Star Trek Trivia Questions!

Who was the actor who played Captain Koloth in the trouble with Tribbles, and Trelaine in the Squire of Gothas?
What was Spock's Blood type?
Where was Spock's mother from?
What was Spock's Fathers Job?
Who caught his ears in a mechanical Rice Picker?

Here are the answers to the question:
1.William Campbell was the actor!
2.Spock's Blood type is T--Negative.
3.Spock's mother was from earth.
4.Spock's Father was an ambassador.
5. Spock had the accident according to Kirk in the episode with Joan Collins.
 Next set of questions will be multiple choice!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Getting Stuck in the Snow

It started to snow on Saturday at 2:30.  I got out of an Event which I attended and the snow was coming down. To my amazement there were 3 front wheeled drive cars which were stuck. It was like a brotherhood.  Everybody had their brushes and shovels. All of the front wheel drive experts were giving advice on what to do. We dug behind the cars, and every time the cars pulled back they got stuck again.  We were making some progress little by little we were able to free one car at a time.  Everybody breathed a sigh of relief as we were all free again.  As much as these situations separate us, they pull us together.  Situations get less scary once a person has experience with them.  Special thanks to all of the people in helping.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hi everybody,
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