Saturday, December 3, 2016

Notice about trying Patreon

Hi Everybdy:
I am trying a new website called Patreon. Here is the link.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


       HI to my supporters: Here is my actual plan to publish my second book!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hi to all my fans! I have just completed a letter with a live link on my latest project. Please read this letter and let me know if you have any thought about this or would like to contribute to my project.
Here is news about Solomon the Painter!
Dear Lovers of Paintings and the Arts,
A note to all my supporters. I am happy to announce that I am beginning preparations to publish a Coffee Table Hardcover book of my own abstract paintings which is dedicated to the exploration of Abstract paintings. I am offering sponsorship of this project at different price levels.
Contributing to my project and becoming one of my sponsors will entitle the sponsor to receive gifts and awards. You may pick from 1 to 4 different levels of sponsorship if you would like to contribute to this project.
A Friend of Solomon the Painter sponsorship will cost $50. You will receive my new hardcover book of my abstractions dedicated to the Abstract world. You will see in my written word, explanations, thoughts and feelings about my paintings.
Bronze Sponsorship will be yours for $75. When you become a sponsor you will receive my newest book dedicated to the abstract genre as well as many of my thoughts about the paintings which I have created. You will also receive my first book of my paintings which has a variety of genres.
The Silver Sponsorship will cost $100. For sponsoring the production of my newest hardcover, abstract book, you will receive a copy of the current book, the first book which I have already published and one 18 x 24 inch poster which has already been printed. You will have a share in contributing and supporting the arts by investing in my artistic vision.
If you select Gold Sponsorship for $200, you will receive in return my newest book of abstractions when it is published, my first book which already has been published, and 3 different 18 x 24 inch posters which have already been printed.
My name is Nat Solomon, but I have recently changed my name by shortening it and just signing my name Solomon on my paintings, books and all artistic endeavors.
If you communicate with me by email, or telephone, I will explain the procedure for becoming my sponsor. Send me an email or give me a call.
Address:515 Lawrence Road, West Hempstead, NY 11552
Phone: 516-606-8381
To Donate to my project, please click on this donate button and you will connect to my PayPal account.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Article from artsy shark

Hi fans,
Here is  a link to article on the value of color published online by etsy shark. I hope you like it!

Link to youtube

Here is a link to my youtube videos which has my library talks and my postervideos. Feel free to access and look at some of my work.

My email is