Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yankee Magic

I have to salute the Yankees for creating a culture of winning and expectation. Even though there were times in the teams history where they were not so good, they have won more championships that any teams in Major League history.  Even when they lose many of their major superstars, they still figure out how to do just enough to win the game.
   They are without Jeter, Arod, Granderson. They are missing major pieces in their lineup and still they compete!

Star Trek Thoughts

When I was about 8 years old, I became fascinated by the Star Trek Tv Show. I really enjoyed how the crew of the Enterprise worked together to get out of most trials and tribulations. I thought What a Fantastick Idea Space Travel to Different planets and battling adversaries at the same time. 
   I was particullarly intrigued by Mr. Spock's Character. I admired his hard side and was deeply touched by his soft side.  I was amazed at his extremely tough strong body, and at the same time his attempt at achieving understanding where it came to his relationship with Captain Kirk.  I prided myself on being an old series Trivia Expert! Several people have asked me to do Star Trek or Spaceship paintings! I Might, but What do you think?